Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I should have worn...

...the "work bites" t-shirt I bought in Breckenridge to work today. I am just very unmotivated this morning. Oh well.

I did not want to come back from the weekend. We had a great weekend, it was a lot of fun, very relaxing and enjoyable. Hanging out Friday evening, shopping on Saturday, cycling on Sunday. Also watched cyclists finish a bike tour Saturday morning.

Here are some pictures from Dillon Lake, along the bike path:

This was an eagle statue in Breck. Ron liked it and took this picture.

Here we are at a restaurant in Frisco. It had Paulaner Thomas Brau... what a great nonalcoholic beer!

My bike was named Leonardo, Ron's was named Chevy. Man I am sunburned... NTS: don't go on 22 mile bike rides at 9500 feet without sunscreen. But it was still fun.

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