Friday, July 25, 2008


So the endgame begins. I included my resignation letter in the packet for next Friday's board meeting, and put Succession Planning and Hiring the Next Sucker, er, My Successor on the agenda. I looked around Corinne's office yesterday and made notes on which room I want for my office. Started looking at office furniture, computers, blah blah blah. I'm thinking a Dell Latitude D630 and a docking station, external keyboard and mouse, maybe an external monitor. Hey, why get a tower? Also started comparing case management software. Corinne doesn't have a CMS and now that she's gotten used to TIME, she thinks a CMS would be a good thing to have. I said I'd start looking around at them. I ordered a free-trial CD of Amicus Attorney small firm edition.

So the shit is poised to hit the fan.

I haven't told many of the staff yet. Lori knows 'cuz she read the board packet (I knew I should have sealed the damn thing up). I was going to tell Rick but he is really sick and I figured it wasn't a good time to say, "oh BTW, I'm leaving, you want my job?"

Still nothing from my favorite funder. Whatever... Oh well, in a little over 5 months I'm DONE with them! Woo hoo!

So anyway, tomorrow Ron, the kidlet (and a friend) and I are going floating on the river. That should be fun.

I haven't been doing much knitting this week. I guess I kind of needed a break. I also haven't been spinning.

Didn't play soccer last night. I had an upset stomach, didn't feel very well, decided staying home and not upchucking on the soccer pitch was the better part of valor.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Eye of Argon

This has to be the. worst. thing. ever. written. I was educated as to its existence by a fellow Raveler, ProgrammerAtArms. I will have to get my revenge at some point. Here is The Eye of Argon's history, according to Wikipedia.

I finished Oktoberfest last night.

I am at work, taking a break from working on stuff for the board retreat a week from Friday. Woo hoo... I suppose I should get back to it however.

Spinning is another thing I need to get back to. I haven't done much lately. Maybe tonight?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Onward and upward....

I think Molly has the right idea. She has apparently decided that the moebius bowl I made a couple months ago should be a cat bed instead. She is curled up looking very comfortable.

So on the work front, I talked w/ board chair yesterday, told her what my thoughts are. She said she didn't blame me one bit. So... the transition period officially begins...

Here are some pictures from the mountain from 4th of July weekend:

I fell in the creek (after these pictures were taken) and banged up my left hand. It's still sore. Oh well. At least I am getting back into running. I've done several runs on the mountain over the past few weeks. Plus adult league soccer has helped with that. I have a soccer game in 40 minutes so I'm going to have to get moving and get ready for that.

Obligatory Knitting Content:

I'm almost done with Oktoberfest. Here's the one sock:
I'm mostly done with the second Oktoberfest sock. I have another pattern rep or so before I get to the cuff.

I'd be done with Oktoberfest if I hadn't gotten distracted by Tsock #2, a/k/a Frenchman's Creek...
The Frenchman's Creek kit arrived over the 4th of July weekend. I cast on the 7th (I think). I'm almost done with the heel flaps.

I can still knit even with the banged up hand. It's just my left pinky which I don't use very much in knitting. Typing is kind of a PITA though. You don't realize how much you use your left pinky in typing until you bang it up... and I've been working on grants all week (gotta keep things going for the next guy/gal)

Well, time to head off to the soccer pitch. Laterz

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I forgot to take my Claritin this morning. I have a sinus headache. I want to go home and crawl in bed.

That is all.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


First adult league soccer game was last night. I sucked, and we got creamed by a team made up mostly of NCHS and KW players, but it was still fun. But I need to get some arch supports for my cleats! My plantar fasciitis is flaring up, and I can barely walk today, much less run. I guess I know what today's purchase is going to be...

Soccer last night kept me from knitting. But I found a fun book yesterday at All That Yarn... How to Knit in the Woods by Shannon Okey. It's full of useful projects for camping, hiking, etc... such as a Nalgene bottle cozy and a cooler hammock. What's not to like?!

I still don't have Tsock #2. Oh well, I still have Oktoberfest and Firebird...

I suppose I better get some work done. Once again, not very motivated.