Sunday, April 27, 2008

Help blak kittehs plz?

Oh hai, I iz Molly. Iz cute blak kitteh. Mai hoomin lieks 2 nit and spin. I liek mai hoominz yarn.

Blak kittehs needz help! Hoomin on Ravelry sez:

Apparently black kittehs are the least-likely to be adopted out… just because they’re all black! The excuses are numerous, but the fact remains that black cats are the most likely to be euthanized at any shelter. But there’s another statistic: animals with a blanket in their cage are MORE likely to be adopted out!

So here’s the idea: we’re looking for shelters willing to take black-cat themed blankies (not everybody can, due to lack of laundry facilities), designers to come up with black-cat themed designs for those blankies, knitters willing to knit and crocheters willing to crochet said blankies, and so on. LOLing is acceptable. =)

Can we get any takers? We’ll need all the help we can get! We’re only in the beginning stages right now, as in the idea was brought up just today, but we’d like to get started finding willing shelters and people interested in helping out.

Mai hoomin adoptd me frum teh Hoomane soceity. She nowz itz important 2 help kittehs in shelterz.

U can helpz blak kittehs liek me plz? Ravelerz - u can klik on link abuv. No iz Raveler? Koment on dis post.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Catching up on stuff

So last Saturday I was out on the soccer pitch all day. Munchkin had a jamboree-style tournament. His team just wasn't on top of their game all day, of four games they won 1 and lost 3.

I brought some knitting but didn't get very much done, between watching soccer and the wind blowing like crazy.

Sunday I was busy doing a bunch of random stuff. Got a trail run in, right before it got cold and yucky. It's been snowing off and on all week.

Now I'm getting caught up on some stuff. Got one project done... wine cozy made from Noro Silk Garden Lite:

It had been languishing for like a week and 1/2, waiting for me to put the tassels on the drawstring... I finally did that today.

I got all the EK Wood Elves spun up. Started making a Kata Felicity Scarf with it last week. I decided to make a scarf with it instead of socks. Here is what I have thus far:

I also have the Loop April batt half spun up:

Hey the Nationwide race at Talladega is about to start... let's go racin'!

"The chance of a big crash is highly probable." -- Dale Jarrett (in the ABC broadcast booth at Talladega) Yep he was right...

Oh and one more thing I finished today... felted Moebius bowl in some Cherry Tree Hill merino blend roving that I spun:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wood Elves, the saga continues

So I have spun up half of the Wood Elves batt, and spun up the silk that came with it. This is what I have thus far.

Here is a story about a sock being knit up from another Wood Elves batt...

Stay tuned to see if my batt meets a similar fate!

Friday, April 11, 2008

More yummy delicious fiber...

... and reasons why my new spinning addiction is bad.

This batt came today... it's my April Loop Spontaneous Spinning Batt.

The April theme was flowers....
for my batt I suggested some xeric flowers including the coneflower, a/k/a Mexican hat. The Mexican hat flower was the inspiration for this gorgeous batt.

Here is the April sock club batt from Enchanted Knoll Farm...

The colorway is "Wood Elves."
Click here for tips on spinning batts
like this...

and here for a Wood Elves batt spun
up and in the process of being knit into

Now here are two more Enchanted Knoll batts:

The upper, reddish one is "Sari."
It contains sari fibers. How cool is that?

The lower, black one is "Black Magic Woman."

These batts are all incredibly gorgeous, and my less than professional photography doesn't begin to do them justice.

The amount of money I'm spending is what's bad.... :-D Etsy and PayPal make it just a little too easy.

It's all Ravelry's fault.

Oh well. There is the "Economic Stimulus Check" I'll be getting next month. Hey, I'm stimulating the indie fiber artist economy.

Why did I have to take up spinning?

So I signed up for a spinning class at my LYS in January. I thought it might be kind of fun... I got addicted.

Within a few weeks I had
a spinning wheel...

which Molly of course
promptly discovered....

... and some fiber..

... and some more fiber....

... and so on, and so on, and so on....

So this is my blog

For some strange reason, I feel compelled to start a blog about my addictions, which basically are running and fiber (knitting and, recently, spinning). I will sometimes blog about other randomness as well, such as my kiddo's soccer addiction.