Friday, November 13, 2009

We got Starbucks, favorite drivers...

So according to some guy in Seattle, NASCAR fans wouldn't know a venti mocha frappuccino if it bit them on the rear. Apparently we are all trailer trash whose entire wardrobe cost less than said frappuccino, except for the merchandise advertising our love for our favorite driver, and who can't imagine using a Starbucks cup for anything other than a receptacle for chew.

Well then. Apparently Mr. Seattle Know-it-All hasn't sat down with Purdue grad Ryan Newman lately, or asked Elliott Sadler about his basketball career (shortened by a knee injury) at James Madison University, or queried Darian Grubb about how his mechanical engineering degree from Virginia Tech helps him make Smoke's car as good as possible, or indeed made any effort to find people who have an education and love stock car racin'.

I suppose we're not allowed to enjoy wine either? Should I be cancelling my Wine Spectator subscription now? And cancelling my wine clubs? Apparently my palate should not extend beyond Coors Light.


...maybe we should just take it upon ourselves to educate the poor sod, who clearly is missing out on the finer things in life. Seattle Dude, wanna join us at Daytona? I'll bring a nice Malbec and my espresso machine for tailgating.