Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, again

Only half a day of work today. I should get to it, but I'm blogging instead. Leaving at lunchtime to go to a soccer tournament in Rapid. The main thing I need to do today is draft a MOU and a proposal for the city money. That shouldn't take too long.

Oh my hair is shaggy. It's driving me nuts. Can't get in until next week though as my hairdresser is on vacation.

I frogged Firebird yesterday and started over. I was getting tripped up on the body, realized about 10 rounds in I was making mistakes and what I should be doing. Unfortunately I hadn't put a lifeline in and when I tried to frog back to the beginning of the body section, I had trouble picking up the stitches. So I just decided to frog the whole thing. This time I'm knitting both socks at once. Woo hoo, no second sock syndrome on Firebird!

I'm almost done with the first Oktoberfest tsock. About another inch and a half to go before I knit the "head." Then I can cast on for the second one...

Speaking of soccer, my first adult league game is Tuesday. I fully expect to suck. hehehe

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