Friday, July 25, 2008


So the endgame begins. I included my resignation letter in the packet for next Friday's board meeting, and put Succession Planning and Hiring the Next Sucker, er, My Successor on the agenda. I looked around Corinne's office yesterday and made notes on which room I want for my office. Started looking at office furniture, computers, blah blah blah. I'm thinking a Dell Latitude D630 and a docking station, external keyboard and mouse, maybe an external monitor. Hey, why get a tower? Also started comparing case management software. Corinne doesn't have a CMS and now that she's gotten used to TIME, she thinks a CMS would be a good thing to have. I said I'd start looking around at them. I ordered a free-trial CD of Amicus Attorney small firm edition.

So the shit is poised to hit the fan.

I haven't told many of the staff yet. Lori knows 'cuz she read the board packet (I knew I should have sealed the damn thing up). I was going to tell Rick but he is really sick and I figured it wasn't a good time to say, "oh BTW, I'm leaving, you want my job?"

Still nothing from my favorite funder. Whatever... Oh well, in a little over 5 months I'm DONE with them! Woo hoo!

So anyway, tomorrow Ron, the kidlet (and a friend) and I are going floating on the river. That should be fun.

I haven't been doing much knitting this week. I guess I kind of needed a break. I also haven't been spinning.

Didn't play soccer last night. I had an upset stomach, didn't feel very well, decided staying home and not upchucking on the soccer pitch was the better part of valor.

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