Monday, July 21, 2008

The Eye of Argon

This has to be the. worst. thing. ever. written. I was educated as to its existence by a fellow Raveler, ProgrammerAtArms. I will have to get my revenge at some point. Here is The Eye of Argon's history, according to Wikipedia.

I finished Oktoberfest last night.

I am at work, taking a break from working on stuff for the board retreat a week from Friday. Woo hoo... I suppose I should get back to it however.

Spinning is another thing I need to get back to. I haven't done much lately. Maybe tonight?


wdawson671 said...

Your Molly looks exactly like my Molly... Even down to the little white patch. :-)

Programmer at Arms said...

One of the better games I've heard is that you sit in a circle and start reading The Eye of Argon until you laugh, at which point you must pass the text on to the next person. You're supposed to try to pronounce the misspellings. Theoretically, someone keeps track with a stopwatch, but who really cares who "wins" in that game?