Sunday, January 8, 2012

One week in

One week in, and I would say the biggest challenge is revamping my cooking. And, well, actually cooking. I'd gotten pretty lazy and on too many evenings was ordering delivery, or going out to eat, or nuking crap-in-a-box. But now I'm actually back to trying to buy whole food and actually cook it.

I think it's because after 5 days I was getting tired of the same 3 things, since I really didn't know what else to eat.

Enter Paleo/Primal cookbooks and cooking blogs.

I've spent a chunk of the past few days reading Paleo Comfort Foods, Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals (I'm all about the quick and easy!), and Everyday Paleo. Today I tried the Sauteed Apples from Paleo Comfort Foods. Mmm.... Good, and easy! Tonight I make Mashed Cauliflower to go with the locally grown, certified organic, 100% grass fed pot roast I have in the crockpot...

The other thing this week has been a low energy level. I think most of that is because it's January, and early January and I do not get along.

Jeans are a bit looser, though. That is a good thing.

Today was a good day to take Daisy for a walk. Sunny, not much wind, about 40 degrees. Long walk, about an hour.

I need to finish the Calorimetry I started a week or so ago. I've only got a few rows left. Then I will have a matching Calorimetry and Malagaiter, yay! And I should have enough yarn left for a pair of fingerless mitts.


rikki said...

Good job Wendy! Keep up the good work. This girl and I at work were just talking about how knitting and the like are dying art forms. Good for you for keeping it alive!

Ria said...

You go!

I'm too lazy to put my shoes on again once I get home - if Curt wants to go out he needs to warn me before that - so I'd rather cook most nights ..