Monday, January 16, 2012

2 weeks in.

First off, let me just say that I detest Manchester Orchestra. SiriusXM Alt Nation is playing "Virgin" right now, and I REALLY HATE THIS SONG. :::grits teeth whilst waiting for end of song:::

OK, good. The song is finally over.


So this was my day 2 photo (1/3/12). Remember this lovely pic?

This is from day 12 (1/13/12): Different sweater, but same pants.


Still pudgy, but not as bad. And NO, I was NOT standing in the bathtub!

I also decided to get on the scale Saturday. I hadn't weighed when I started, but am reasonably sure I was somewhere in the 180's. (I didn't weigh because I knew I'd get depressed.)

Saturday's weight: 176.0. So at least I have a definite number.

Also I have more energy, and fewer headaches.

Entering week 3 of Les Mills Pump. My knees are feeling a lot better.

I'm seeing improvements all the time.

Now SiriusXM is playing Beck. Lots better than Man Orchestra.

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Ria said...

You go!! I think you can definitely see a difference (in you not the tub)