Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving right along

Here is the new toy I just ordered. It's a Dell Latitude 630. I also ordered a printer and a docking station. 'Tis for the new gig. I can't wait for the new gig.. bouncebouncebounce

So. Looks like I will be getting a prezzie from teh Yarn Fairy! Lookee here...

The story behind the prezzie: click here. I'm being punished, er, rewarded for asspinnerating the Tsarina of Tsocks. The above yarn is supposed to be a lump of coal... seems that threats were made that I would receive coal with a tsock kit. Well... I like this kind of coal! It's called "Embers."

Now lots of Ravelers want to be similarly "punished." I think a trend has been started.

Meanwhile, I am still at work. Is it time to go home yet?

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