Friday, April 11, 2008

More yummy delicious fiber...

... and reasons why my new spinning addiction is bad.

This batt came today... it's my April Loop Spontaneous Spinning Batt.

The April theme was flowers....
for my batt I suggested some xeric flowers including the coneflower, a/k/a Mexican hat. The Mexican hat flower was the inspiration for this gorgeous batt.

Here is the April sock club batt from Enchanted Knoll Farm...

The colorway is "Wood Elves."
Click here for tips on spinning batts
like this...

and here for a Wood Elves batt spun
up and in the process of being knit into

Now here are two more Enchanted Knoll batts:

The upper, reddish one is "Sari."
It contains sari fibers. How cool is that?

The lower, black one is "Black Magic Woman."

These batts are all incredibly gorgeous, and my less than professional photography doesn't begin to do them justice.

The amount of money I'm spending is what's bad.... :-D Etsy and PayPal make it just a little too easy.

It's all Ravelry's fault.

Oh well. There is the "Economic Stimulus Check" I'll be getting next month. Hey, I'm stimulating the indie fiber artist economy.

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