Sunday, April 27, 2008

Help blak kittehs plz?

Oh hai, I iz Molly. Iz cute blak kitteh. Mai hoomin lieks 2 nit and spin. I liek mai hoominz yarn.

Blak kittehs needz help! Hoomin on Ravelry sez:

Apparently black kittehs are the least-likely to be adopted out… just because they’re all black! The excuses are numerous, but the fact remains that black cats are the most likely to be euthanized at any shelter. But there’s another statistic: animals with a blanket in their cage are MORE likely to be adopted out!

So here’s the idea: we’re looking for shelters willing to take black-cat themed blankies (not everybody can, due to lack of laundry facilities), designers to come up with black-cat themed designs for those blankies, knitters willing to knit and crocheters willing to crochet said blankies, and so on. LOLing is acceptable. =)

Can we get any takers? We’ll need all the help we can get! We’re only in the beginning stages right now, as in the idea was brought up just today, but we’d like to get started finding willing shelters and people interested in helping out.

Mai hoomin adoptd me frum teh Hoomane soceity. She nowz itz important 2 help kittehs in shelterz.

U can helpz blak kittehs liek me plz? Ravelerz - u can klik on link abuv. No iz Raveler? Koment on dis post.


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