Friday, February 20, 2009

Slacker Truth

I love Fred Clark. Srsly. If he weren't already married, I'd propose to him. In his latest Left Behind (ok, Trib Force) deconstruction, he totally pwns LaHaye and Jenkins and RTC theology:

This reimagining or repackaging of the TF's mission seems to show that the authors recognize, on some level, that their normal concept of the Christian life isn't very exciting. ... LaHaye and Jenkins' version of life, mission and ministry is neither difficult nor adventurous.

It's pretty dull, actually, consisting mainly of sitting around praying and abstaining from a long list of things until finally Jesus comes back to get us before we die.

Even Jerry Jenkins seems to realize that prayer, compulsive abstention and lots of sitting around and waiting would make a lousy plot for a series of novels. I'm not sure he appreciates that it also makes a lousy plot for anyone's life story. As such, it also makes a lousy basis for evangelism. "Want to join us?" "Join you doing what?" "Um, well, not much of anything, actually." Not a compelling invitation.

In earlier posts this week, Fred addresses Young Earth Creationism. YEC is one of my personal peeves. Fred's peeved too. And dismayed. All I can say is, Fred articulates what's wrong with YEC far better than I ever could.

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