Friday, February 12, 2010


My Ravelympics projects:

For Team Fast Girls Knit Left, entered in WIP Dancing: This is a cardigan in Noro Silk Garden. I started it last summer, kinda flamed out sometime in November. The fronts are done except for the button bands, the back is about 3/4 done. Have not gotten to sleeves yet.

For Team Wyoming, entered in WIP Dancing: This is a throw made in Mountain Colors, Moguls and Mohair. I started it in fall 2007?? Dang, it was shortly after I had the tonsilyanktomy in Oct 2007... I forget when I flamed out on it. It's been quite awhile however.

For Team Daughters of the Whore of Babylon, entered in the Flying Camel Spin event: These fibers are from a Spinning Loft sampler.

Check back for updates...

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