Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Swine-ish Flu Chronicles

OK. I don't know for sure that I had swine flu. I wasn't tested. But my doc said my symptoms were consistent with novel H1N1.

That was nearly a week ago.

I'm still tired, sluggish, somewhat nauseated, and completely unmotivated to do anything.

So here's the symptoms, as I experienced them: really really tired (do I have to open my eyes? That takes so much energy), achiness (someone get the number of the freight train that hit me), nausea and loss of appetite, headache, and a lovely dry hacking cough. Apparently the nausea and the dry hacking cough were what made the doc decide it was most likely novel H1N1 and not seasonal flu.

I was too tired to knit, much less spin.

I fell asleep watching Sprint Cup practice on Friday. And again during qualifying.

I think I fell asleep sometime during the UW-New Mexico game.

It's been a week, and I still have the cough. Sounds like I may have the cough for awhile yet.


Ria said...

Feel better!!

Anonymous said...

When my cough won't leave my alone, I SWEAR by Tessalon pearls. People either love them, or they just plain don't do anything for them. But I've never heard of anyone DISliking them.

They're pretty cheap little suckers and doctors are generally pretty agreeable to prescribing them upon request. I first tried them when my doctor thought I had whooping cough a few years ago, and it's what finally got the cough to stop long ago for me to be able to sleep when I had my H1N1 bout.

Good luck!

PS. I also love guaifenesin cough syrup with codeine, but that's a little tougher for some people to get ahold of if you don't have raging asthma, like I do.

Wendy said...

The cough actually seems to be lessening. I still have the damn nausea though. That seems to be the worst lingering effect.