Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Choppy, Yet Insincere, Apology

So I've had the Riverboat Gamblers stuck in my head lately.

Which gets me thinking.

What's up with all the rudeness lately? Yanno, Addison Graves "Joe" "How Many Diseases Can I Be Named After" Wilson, Kanye West, Serena Williams.

Granted, I'm hardly the first to address the Trifecta of Rudeness. The Chicago Tribune, Crain's New York Business, Andy Borowitz, and the Seattle Times, among bazillions of others, clearly beat me to the punch. But still, here I am...

One would think Joe Wilson's behavior would have won him no fans. Especially since he refuses to apologize on the Congressional floor. But a simple search of Facebook groups shows no dearth of pro-Joe Wilson groups, lauding him for Standing Up to Da Man, Speaking Truth to Power, blah blah blah. And he's apparently received over $2 million in campaign contributions since exposing himself as a total asshat. TWO. FREAKIN'. MILLION. WTF? Explain?

Kanye West got promptly turned into an internet meme. Regardless whether he continues to get laughed at or not, his next album will doubtless go multi-platinum.

And Serena will continue to grace the tennis courts and draw crowds, no doubt.

Hm. A trend here?

Maybe the problem here is - NO FREAKIN' CONSEQUENCES FOR ACTING LIKE SPOILED BRATS???!?!?!??!?!?!

(P.S. The actual title of the Riverboat Gamblers' song is "A Choppy, Yet Sincere, Apology." Just in case you were wondering.)

Oh and I know I still need to post pics of my qiviut smoke ring. I took pics, I'm just too lazy to download them to The Beast. It will happen. At some point. I promise.

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